Deep Cycle 12V 250Ah Battery Pack 300Ah Lithium Ion Solar Battery Can Build 48V

2021-02-04 03:14

ຕົວແບບAIN12250 lifepo4 battery
ຄວາມສາມາດໃນນາມຂະ ໜາດ 250Ah
ປະເພດແບດເຕີລີ່Lifepo4 battery prismatic cell


ວິທີການຄິດຄ່າບໍລິການCC / CV
ວົງ​ຈອນ​ຊີ​ວິດ2000 ຄັ້ງ
ຮັບປະກັນ12 ເດືອນ
ອຸນຫະພູມໄລ່0 ° C ~ 45 ° C
ອຸນຫະພູມລົງຂາວ-10°C ~ 60°C
PCM/BMS ProtectionOver-charge, over-discharge, short circuit,over-temperature, etc/can be customized:Balance function, RS485, SOC, CAN port, or so on.

Applications of 12V 250ah Lifepo4 battery pack 

ໃບສະ ໝັກ ພະລັງງານໄຟຟ້າ

♦ Engine Starting Battery

♦ Commercial Bus and Transit:

E-car, E-bus, Golf troller/car, E-bike, Scooter, RV, AGV, Marine, Tourist car, Caravan, Wheel chair,

E-truck, E-sweeper, Floor cleaner, E-walker etc.

♦ Intellectual Robots

♦ Power tools: electric drills, toys

Energy Storage

♦ Solar-Wind Power System

♦ City Grid (On/Off)

Back-up System and UPS

♦ Telcom Base, CATV system, Computer Server Center, Medical Instrumnt, Military Equipment

Other Applications

♦ Security and Electronics, Mobile POS, Mining Lihgt / Torch / LED Light / Emergency Light

Sucessful Cases

ແບດເຕີຣີ LiFePO4 ທີ່ກ່ຽວຂ້ອງ

A. ເຄມີທີ່ປອດໄພແລະ ໝັ້ນ ຄົງ: ເຄມີ PCB ແລະ / ຫຼື BMS ທີ່ສ້າງຂຶ້ນພາຍໃນເພື່ອຮັກສາຄວາມສົມດຸນຂອງແບັດເຕີຣີ.
B. ວົງຈອນຊີວິດຍາວ: ສາມາດໃຊ້ເປັນວົງກົມ, ດີທີ່ສຸດສາມາດສ້ອມແປງໄດ້ເຖິງ 2000 ຄັ້ງ, ແບັດເຕີຣີອາຊິດ 8 ຄັ້ງ.
C. ນ້ ຳ ໜັກ ເບົາກວ່າ, ມີອັດຕາສ່ວນພະລັງງານກັບນ້ ຳ ໜັກ ທີ່ດີທີ່ສຸດ: 1/3 ຂອງນ້ ຳ ໜັກ ແບັດເຕີຣີອາຊິດ Lead.
D. ປະສິດຕິພາບດີໃນອຸນຫະພູມສູງແລະຄວາມຕ້ານທານອຸນຫະພູມສູງ
E. ອັດຕາການອອກຕົນເອງຕໍ່າ, ຕໍ່າກ່ວາ 3% ຕໍ່ເດືອນ.
F. ບໍ່ມີຜົນກະທົບຂອງຄວາມຊົງ ຈຳ ແລະຄ່າໃຊ້ຈ່າຍທີ່ມີປະສິດຕິພາບສູງ.
G. ເປັນມິດກັບສິ່ງແວດລ້ອມ: ພະລັງງານທີ່ສະອາດແລະສີຂຽວບໍ່ມີມົນລະພິດຕໍ່ສິ່ງແວດລ້ອມຂອງພວກເຮົາ.




Shipping Terms
·Samples checking: UPS / DHL / EMS / HK EMS / FEDEX / HK post / TNT and so on express(door to door)
·Bulk production: sending out by cargo shipping / air freight / Express
Package:paper box+export paper carton, all with goods label and caution label

Packing Terms
Inner Package: High Quality Carton Box.
Outer Package: High Quality Carton Box.

ຄຳ ຖາມທີ່ຖາມ

 Any questions, pls contract us freely, respond within 6h      

Q1:Can't charge the battery?
A1: First we nee to connect the battery charger, second we have to turn this switch on,and then can be charged.

Q2:Is it the capacity of your battery real?
A2: All of our batteries are real full capacity with top quantity, competitive price& long life cycle.

Q3:How about the lead time?

A3:Delivery time for production will depend on your quantity.Usually it will take 7-15 working days, the sample will be shipped out within 4 working days.

Q4:Which certificates do you have?

A4:We have CE/ROHS/UN38.3/MSDS for lithium-ion cell used, all reach international standard

Q5:How about warranty?

A5:1 year warranty

Q6: payment and samples

A6:we accept paypal for samples order, larger order with T/T

Q7:  Charging temperature

A7:The cell shall be charged within 0°C~40°C range in the Product Specification datasheet, for all samples&ordersoffer test report& tech specification data sheet

Q8: Operating temperature


Q9: Company production capacity

A9:200k pcs per months

Q10:What's the batteries applications?

A10:Widely applied in digital products, portable computers, Bluetooth products, electric tools,power tools, lighting devices like LED lights and emergency lights,electric toy, household appliances and emergency device area. cordless phone, power tools, instrument and apparatus, electric vehicle,electric bikes, motorcycles,UPS battery,medical equipment,beauty instruments,electric trolley,solar power energy storage,smart robot and so on.

ໝາຍ ເຫດ: ຜະລິດຕະພັນທັງ ໝົດ ບໍ່ສະ ໜັບ ສະ ໜູນ ການຂາຍຍ່ອຍ, ກະລຸນາຕິດຕໍ່ຫາລາຄາສິນຄ້າ!